BURNERS - Burned Images

In her Burners-Series TRINE777 works with the idea of sparkling images or persons that burn themselves into your memory. Those kind of people (known or unknown) who have something special about them. A presence that makes them outstanding and memorable. Persons or lifes that have an impact on generations or represent them. For her images she dives into the past and present.


At the same time she questions the amount of reality in 'iconic' persons and 'role-models'. Playing a 'role' and 'modelling' in her opinion is both an artistic act, not real. Some (if not most) of the images she burns are artistically constructed like for example movie-characters. On the other hand they embody dreams, ideals and utopias of society and therefore appear somewhat authentic. Most of her portraits represent females. Especially if she burns them into nettle.


For her Burners she developed a special burning-technique that enables her to work with a variety of brown-tones.

1920ies Series

'25.08.78 [me and Amalie]'

'without title [image]'

Presentation of my works at a Groupexhibition (May 2018) in the Saloon 'Katharinasart' including pieces by Max Weinberg